Sherwood urges van Dijk to use Arsenal violence.

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Former Spurs midfielder Tim Sherwood has urged Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk to “dirty” and “work harder” in Sunday’s trip.

         The Dutch national team is facing difficulties after a poor start to both personal and team performances. By Sunday there is a cue to visit the “Cannons”. The leading team 11 points ahead of the crowd. Despite playing more than one game. Which Sherwood pointed out that Van Dijk must work harder and put dirt on the some play UFABET.

         “He is a huge player for me. And I know everyone is in the same group as Trent who is not defensively bad at the moment. But his progress is excellent for me, but Virgil has to work harder.” Sherwood told Sky Sports.

         “He is the leader He’s hardly a walk and you can’t do that in the Premier League. I think he needs to show more speed and leadership. I’m used to the way he punches opponents and like Henderson in the middle of the pitch and when Milner plays.

         “That’s part of Van Dijk that makes people love him, he’s a leader, he doesn’t care if anyone is offended. Now it looks like he’s playing his own game. He has to play more dirty and insult his team-mates.”